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Support the orphanage in Cambodia

Our goal:
To establish a long-term and secure source of income for
the orphanage

Your donation:
€ 25/month for a specific child or for the orphanage as a whole

What you get:
- Updates and photos (child / orphanage / projects)
- Information about the donations so far (which expenses have been covered)
- Preview (future needs and projects)

What we promise:
- Every single donated EURO will get to the orphanage
- No administration costs
- Regular, on-going and transparent updates

For more detailed information, please read on!

Support the orphanage in Cambodia

"In April 2011, we spent three wonderful but eye-opening weeks with Sok and the children at Sok’s orphanage. We realized just how dependent they are on donations and decided to set up the „Support Sok’s orphanage in Cambodia” program.
The goal of this program is to establish along-term and secure source of income for the orphanage in order to support Sok in his tireless efforts to keep the orphanage running. Currently, he is facing the problem of having to move out of their current home by November 2011 as the rental agreement can no longer be extended! The search for a plot of land where Sok and his staff can construct a house of their own for themselves and the children has already begun. Your initial donation will go towards supporting this extensive and expensive project."

If you would like to donate a higher amount (more than 25 EURO), this is of course also highly appreciated!

What you get:
Twice a year you will receive an update including the following information:
- News and photos of „your“ child
- News and photos of the orphanage / all the children
- An overview of past donations and expenses covered
- Preview (plans for the up-coming months )
In addition, the Facebook page „tuk-tuk Cambodia“ is available as a forum for sponsors.

If you wish to do so, you may select a specific child to support; however, our goal is to make sure that all the children benefit equally from this donation program. Therefore, we will not establish any personal connection between sponsor and child, e.g. through the forwarding of personal presents.

What makes this such a unique charity program?

- Every single donated EURO will get to the orphanage
- No administration costs
- This is a small and traceable charity program

If you want to make a difference at Sok’s orphanage, please contact Daniel and Rikke Schimscha:
- Sok in the Cambodia
- Tel: (855)12326526
- Tel.: 0043 650 660 43 23 in Austria (Europe)
- Email: rikke.schimscha@rugby.at

We are always happy to provide you with more information about the children, project goals, payment options etc.

Website last updated: December 2013

We need volunteers. If you want to volunteer at our orphanage, you are always very welcome! Check our volunteering informations and get in touch with us. Thank you!

Please be sure to visit our school, the Sok Cambodia School Villa.

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