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Volunteer at Sok Orphanage

The Sok Cambodia Children Orphanage (SCO) is established and was set up to find volunteers for support and running costs for the (SCO) Organization. This is called the NGO Volunteering project. 

We welcome all visitors from around the world. If you can come and visit and teach the children English, we'd especially like to hear from you. It doesn't matter what background you come from - we have volunteers of all ages and abilities joining us every week for an amazing time.

Maybe you have just retired, are taking a gap year before University or want to use your two weeks holiday to do something different. Young or old, rich or poor, experienced or inexperienced, even families with children, you will receive a very warm welcome and your contribution will make a major difference to our children's lives.

Once you have decided you are interested in volunteering, the first stage is to complete our simple application form to give us your basic details and the dates you are available to volunteer. There is a minimum age limit of 18 unless accompanied by a parent. Please also tell us if you require transport from the airport, accommodation or tours around the temple. We can arrange all of this as part of your volunteering experience.

We welcome all volunteers!

We ask all our volunteers to make a donation which will be used to run our projects and cover some of the volunteer's costs. This donation will cover the cost of your mid-day meal and the fuel for the Tuk-Tuk which will take the children on visits and to school and which will come to collect you from your place of residence and take you home. We do not want anyone who would like to volunteer to be put off by the donation.

We are non-profit organization and all funds received run our projects. We run the project solely from donations from tourist volunteer donations and through our own fund raising. So we need every little bit of help we can get! It costs about US$5.00 a day to feed a child and we need about US$ 2500 a month to cover the running costs of the Sok Cambodia Orphanage.

If you would like to visit SCO or volunteer, whether it is to teach English or computer skill classes we would be more that happy to receive your support. The children love learning and meeting new people. Visitors provide the children with new experiences. All visitors provide the children with new learning, be it through play games or sport, singing or simply giving the children some loving attention. Our members of staff are also always on hand to assist you.

For additional information please contact us Mr Chinsokha (Sok) , Director foundation Children's Orphanage in the Siem Reap. We would love to hear from your family and friends and greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

You can find the Sok Cambodia Children's Orphanage about 4 km from Siem Reap off the Number 06 Road, about 500m past the Earth Walkers Hostel, Kroush village, Sraydoung Kum Commune Siem Reap, Cambodia . See our contact page for a map.

Please call before your visit so we can arrange complementary transportation to SCO. However big or small, your gestures of kindness we greatly appreciate.

Should you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact us via email sokorphanage@yahoo.com or by phone on (855)1232 6526 . We welcome you and your family at any time.

Kind Regards, Sok Cambodia Children Orphanage Building happiness for all the children in Cambodia, a better future, caring for themselves.

Website last updated: December 2013

We need volunteers. If you want to volunteer at our orphanage, you are always very welcome! Check our volunteering informations and get in touch with us. Thank you!

Please be sure to visit our school, the Sok Cambodia School Villa.

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